The unofficial award show

Every year agencies spend money and hours on sending their work to national and international award shows. The crescendo is held at sponsored venues with plastic spoons and chicken served cold, watching hundreds of categories on big screens. Like the children’s fishing pond everyone gets at least a nomination.

The real award show is running outside the venue. There’s no commission to participate, no rules on how to enter, no limitations whatsoever. It’s the greatest show on earth.

With only two categories, ’sprint’ and ‘marathon’, this award show is about creating real brand value. The sprint winners set the trends, resulting in a head start of the competition. They will gain followers and media space for free. The marathon winner is the lifetime achievement award, which sums up several years of competing at the highest level.

Everyone knows who the winners are, and even the runners-up. We enjoy them in the streets, and refer to them in new pitches and projects. They stand the test of time for decades. After all, who remembers the Epica Silver winner in the FMCG plastic beverages 1998?

When competing in branding, there is no such thing as preparing for the annual world cup or olympics every 4th year. Brands compete every day.