Boost your ethics with your aesthetics

Many successful brands miss out when it comes to ethics, and they could easily be asked: Do we really need these trendy clothes, accessories and furniture? Is it acceptable to use underpaid workers? Is it a good idea to produce your goods in one part of the world and then ship them to another? Probably not, but we easily forget this since these brands are so good at dressing up their business in such an aesthetic-looking exterior.

If you want to be a bad boy or a girl, it is to your advantage if you are cute. If you are cute enough, you can avoid getting busted altogether. And grown-ups have great advantages, too, if they are good-looking. Even mosquitoes would manage to seem valuable if they could improve their looks and sounds – even if their bad habits stayed the same.

I hear a lot of proud marketing directors who take pains to defend their awful direct marketing – colorful splash tags with XXL prices. They justify their looks by citing their price fighter position. But what if your marketing still looks great even though you don’t have a premium brand? The result is that we the consumers will feel good spending time with your brand. We’ll feel that we’re doing good.

If you’re selling products or services and sometimes miss out on ethics, at least do it with style. Or what I would recommend, improve both. As a brand owner you could sleep better at night – and even get a place on the Fortune 500 list as a tiny spinoff.