Eighty percent of all sensory impressions are visual. Design is a global language that can communicate what needs to be said in an instant. When done well, it can be bespoke and impossible to copy. This is our perspective.

Our work knows no borders. Digital, motion, spatial, print. With our full creative service, we work across all media, industries and sizes. Directly with clients and with other consultancies. This is our proficiency.

Swedish-born Carl Johan Näs, is a designer by trade, and has earned a reputation as one of the most well-respected brand developers in Scandinavia. As an Executive Creative Director at Essen International he rejuvenated global master brands like Absolut, Gant, and Securitas and defined the Stockholm city brand experience. In 2014 he set up his own practice in London, and by 2020 he had relocated to Stockholm.

Project image
Photo: Courtesy of Ryoji Ikeda / CNA